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LC and LCMS webinars - Week 42

Su, 11.10.2020
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In the current week, a total of 11 interesting webinars are waiting for you in the field of LC and LC/MS. Don't miss them and expand your knowledge.
LabRulez: LC and LCMS webinars - Week 42

LabRulez: LC and LCMS webinars - Week 42

In the week from October 12, 2020, the following webinars await you in the field of LC and LCMS. More details and registration can be found in the WEBINARS section.:

1. Waters: Mass Spectrometry for Fentanyl Analog Screening, Confirmation & Metabolite Discovery in Forensic Casework - Forensics webinar week

2. NACRW/Restek: Unlocking the Mystery of Pesticides CRM Stability for Food Analysis and Guide to Reference Material use in Trace Level Analysis

3. SelectScience: Real-time forensic drug analysis using direct ionization mass spectrometry

4. Agilent Technologies: Advance Your Lab Operation: Why instrument utilization data is critical in your asset lifecycle strategy

5. Separation Science/SCIEX: Screening for Extractables and Leachables: QTOF, SWATH® Acquisition and Spectral Libraries

6. LCGC: Applications of Separation and Mass Spectrometric Techniques for Challenges in the Analysis of Per- and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances (PFAS) in the Environment

7. Thermo Fisher Scientific: Ion Chromatography Analysis for Adult beverages

8. Agilent Technologies: Nitrosamine virtual Interest Group Meeting

9. Agilent Technologies: Advancements in Liquid Chromatography Method Development and Method Optimization

10. Thermo Fisher Scientific: High Resolution LC-MS Analysis of Wine Samples for the Characterization of Flavonoids

11. Thermo Fisher Scientific: Multi-Class Pesticide Quantitation with a Comprehensive Workflow

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