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Changes in Tandem (MS/MS) NIST23 Search Program (V3.0)

NIST2023 Library and Software Available in Early June. Many very significant improvements in the new version compared to 2020 version..
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Supporting Chromatography Everywhere – Even Mars

DataApex founder and CEO Jan Hrubý explains how a company that has spent 30 years perfecting chromatography and mass spectrometry software Clarity was born.
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A breakthrough in big data processing helps trace chemicals in complex mixtures

Analyze large volumes of data from mass spectrometry in complex mixtures is much easier thanks to the new version of the MZmine 3 software.
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Tips & Tricks in Liquid Chromatography (HPLC Webinars 2022)

We bring you an overview of 17 webinars from 2022 in the field of classical liquid chromatography focused on Tips and Tricks that will make your work easier.
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Clarity software - Mass Spectrometry Extension

Do you know Clarity MS Extension for processing data that has been acquired from selected Mass Spectrometry detectors?
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Shimadzu Nexera LC-40 HPLC system supported in Clarity

We are happy to announce that a new control module for a Nexera LC-40 HPLC system has been released!
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Together with your LC/MS, we are moving towards a sustainable future (ARABLAB 2022)

Want to meet Labrecycling in person? That's certainly possible! You can always come and visit our company. We will be also attending Arablab 2022, in Hall S1 stand no. 646.
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RAFA 2022 - REGISTRATION & Invited speakers

On behalf of the UCT Prague and Wageningen University & Research, we are delighted to invite all food scientists to attend the 10th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Food Analysis (RAFA 2022).
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Advances in Chromatography and Electrophoresis & Chiranal 2022 - Programme

The scientific program will deal with all areas of separation science from fundamental to applied reseach in chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, forensic science and related disciplines.
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HPLC & LC/MS webinars Week 3/2022

This week 10 HPLC & LC/MS webinars: Native MS, Sugar analysis, SLIMS, PFAS in serum, OpenLab, Beyond UHPLC, Empower and Data Integrity, Cannabis, HPLC columns.
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