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Together with your LC/MS, we are moving towards a sustainable future (ARABLAB 2022)

Want to meet Labrecycling in person? That's certainly possible! You can always come and visit our company. We will be also attending Arablab 2022, in Hall S1 stand no. 646.
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Conference CEEPC/IPM/CMSC 2022 (Program)

September 29 – October 1, 2022: 16th Central and Eastern European Proteomic Conference together with 8th Informal Proteomic Meeting and 10th Czech Mass Spectrometry Conference.
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Webinars LabRulezLCMS Week 39/2022

This week 11 Webinars: Biopharma, Polymer REACH, Oligonucleotides, BioAccord Demo, Proteomics & Metabolomics, HRMS vs. QQQ, NuGenesis LMS, IM HRMS Lipidomics, CDS Upgrade.
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ESAS-CSSC 2022 (Day 2)

Tuesday belonged to one of the other IMM medallists. The medallist was Érico Marlon de Moraes Flores from Departamento de Química, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Brasil.
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Webinars LabRulezLCMS Week 38/2022

This week 9 Webinars: UV-Vis basics, HPTLC, Sample Workflow, AAV Capsids, Biotherapeutic Impurity Profiling, 2D-LC Basics, DDA for MSMS fragmentation, CIU MS Stability Measurements, 21 CFR Part 11 for UV-Vis.
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ESAS-CSSC 2022 (Day 1)

On Monday, September 5th, the conference has officially started with an opening speech by Prof. Kanický and Prof. Matějka.
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ESAS-CSSC 2022 (welcome party)

Preparations for the conference were intensive, but everything went well in the end, and this Sunday the ESAS-CSSC 2022 event in Brno started with a grandiose welcome party.
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HPLC & LC/MS webinars Week 36 - 37/2022

7 HPLC & LC/MS Webinars in the next 14 days: Bottom-Up Proteomics, LC/MS biological fluids, Lipids & IM, Polymers & multi-detector, PFAS & AOF & EOF & Ions by IC, Agilent IM, Biological Macromolecules.
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ESAS-CSSC 2022 (Conference preparations)

Preparations for the ESAS-CSSC 2022 conference are in full swing!
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ESAS - CSSC 2022 (Programme)

September 4 - 9, 2022, two joint scientific conferences focused on spectrometry in analytical chemistry ESAS and CSSC will be held in Brno, Czech Republic. We present the detailed program in this overview.
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