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HPLC & LC/MS webinars Week 34/2022

This week 4 HPLC & LC/MS webinars: Calibration Curve & Detection Limit, Biotherapeutics characterization, Micro and Nano Low Flow LC Essentials & Columns, OnLine HPLC.
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Tips & Tricks HPLC and LC/MS webinars 2022

An overview of 12 webinars focused on the Tips & Tricks in LC/MS. Do you know how to get maximum from your mass spectrometer?
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HPLC & LC/MS Webinars August 2022

9 HPLC & LC/MS webinars: Lipids & AP-MALDI-TQ, GPC & Polymers, Microbiome, Oligonucleotides, EPA 608.3 & SampePrep, Resolution & HPLC, Q-TOF & CID & ECD, Biotherapeutics, OnLine HPLC.
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HPLC & LC/MS webinars Week 30/2022

9 HPLC & LC/MS webinars: Carbohydrates, Steroids & Columns, Oligonucleotides, Method Development, Proteins & IMS, IC-ICP/MS, LC-MS/MS assays, Polymers & Empower, Bio Method Development.
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LabRulez portals in Q2/2022

How are LabRulez portals doing in 2022 and what values and benefits do they bring to users, customers or partners?
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HPLC & LC/MS webinars Week 29/2022

11 HPLC & LC/MS webinars: SamplePrep, PFAS, Biomolecules, Oligonucleotides, Solvents, Food & Beverage, Inert UHPLC, CZE-MS & Impurities, SEC & Biomolecules, Polymers, PFAS & columns.
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HPLC & LC/MS webinars Week 28/2022

4 HPLC & LC/MS webinars: Human plasma of anti-asthmatic drugs, Automating Toxicology LC/MS, Sample Prep Automation Virtual Day, GPC Fundamentals & Polymer Analysis.
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HPLC & LC/MS webinars July/2022

5 HPLC & LC/MS webinars: Food integrity, authenticity and QC, Maintaining quality in the brewing process, Biomolecule Characterization, HPLC Method Development.
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HPLC & LC/MS webinars Week 26/2022

11 HPLC & LC/MS webinars: Dioxins, Data Analytics, Herbs & Teas, LC-PDA-MS, Oligonucleotides, Innovations In MS, MassHunter, Glycans, #ConnectedLaboratory, Audits.
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HPLC & LC/MS webinars Week 25/2022

14 HPLC & LC/MS webinars: Food, N–glycans, Evosep One, Light scattering, Bioprocess, Empower LMS, Proteomics, Mainten. & Troublesh., PFAS & IC, Compliance, mRNA Therapeutics, AAA & LC-MS/MS, PFAS, Impurities.
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